First, you need to stock up on all the necessary objects and materials.This jigsaw, pliers, screwdriver, clamps, sealant, cement, adhesive tape, drill, wrench, pencil, tape measure, and is highly desirable - safety goggles.

The first step is to mark the countertop for installation of sinks.For this countertop dismantled and laid on a comfortable, stable surface.On the countertop applied marking the place where the crash will sink.It should be noted that many manufacturers include a template for marking in the box sinks.If such a pattern is not available, it can be applied to the countertop and sink on the edge of the circle, and then make another circuit

indented half a centimeter - working.

You can now cutting out the washing.To do this drill on the corners resulting loop holes of not less than a centimeter.These holes will serve as input for the jigsaw blade.Then gently Scrollsaw jigsaw hole under the sink on the work path.After cutting out the countertop must be cleaned of dirt and sawdust.

on the cut sealant is applied with a brush or spatula.The sealant can be used as epoxy resin, silicone, etc.The choice of the sealant depends on the material from which made worktop.Stone countertops are handled exclusively silicon, plastic, wood and metal allow the use of other types of sealant.Sealant must be continuous and uniform, or in the operation of washing under it will flow into the water.Sealant must get to grips with the top, so give it some time to stand up.

Then you can install it on a countertop in the kitchen headset.Only after the installation of countertops can be installed at her sink.It is attached to the table top using a silicone adhesive or a sealing tape.Sometimes these tapes are supplied with a sink.For installation on a silicone wash daubed them with internal (reverse) side, the glued tape as close to the edge of the sink.

followed by set sink on the countertop.With clamps or be bundled with sink fasteners gently push the sink to countertop and leave it for a while.

If silicone or adhesive tape can be seen from under the sink edges, remove it surplus.That's all wash set!