you need
  • - abrasive stone;
  • - Waterproof sandpaper;
  • - cleaning powder;
  • - enamel;
  • - oxalic acid;
  • - solvent;
  • - soft tissue;
  • - brush.
should know that the new enamel will hold well only on a carefully prepared and degreased surface.Therefore, before you apply the enamel surface of the bath be cleaned.Thus it is necessary to remove all the scratches, chips and remnants of the old enamel .
to remove traces of rust from the surface of the bath recommend using oxalic acid.It must be remembered that the acid is poisonous, and when working with it, you need to follow safety measures.Reconstitute the powder with water to a mushy state.Gently apply the mixture to the surface.Wait 40 minutes and rinse
with acid water.
Coat the sides and bottom of the bath scouring powder.For these purposes, any means may be used which does not contain chlorine.Thoroughly treat the surface with an abrasive stone.Keep in mind that the better you prepare the surface, the longer it will keep the new enamel.Rinse the foam and chips with warm water.Carefully inspect the bath.If necessary, repeat the procedure.
will restore deep chipped using an epoxy resin or a mixture of nitro white enamel glue "Supercement."
Sand bath waterproof sandpaper.Remove the dust and degrease the surface with solvent.
Plug the drain hole and enter a full bath of hot water.Let the water stand for 10-15 minutes.This is necessary in order to wash degreasing composition.Drain and wipe the sides and bottom of the bath dry with a soft cloth.Make sure the surface is completely smooth and has a matte finish.
Prime the bath.To do this, read the instructions attached to the enamel .Prepare and carefully apply a first primer coat with a brush made of natural hair.Typically, the primer consists of the most enamel and hardener supplied.Make sure that during operation do not form bubbles and smudges.Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
Apply a base layer of enamel with a brush.Please be aware that the required number of layers and the drying time of the composition depends on the manufacturer and described in the attached instructions.