you need
  • - trumpet;
  • - fittings;
  • - cranes;
  • - keys;
  • - Scissors for pipes;
  • - roller;
  • - Roulette;
  • - FPM tape;
  • - fastening clips.
Develop and draw a diagram of your future aqueduct .Include all components: filters, valves, tees, angles, faucets, counters (if you intend to install them).Note also the washing machine and dishwasher.
Arm yourself with a tape measure and measure the exact distance to each of the elements of your circuit.Write down all of the measurement results.
Visit plumbing shop and buy everything you need by checking with the scheme.Buy pipe fittings and the same manufacturer.There you will be able to buy the missing tools.
Shut off hot and cold water in the apartment.Start dismantling of the old aqueduct (if any).In any order you disconnect all the plumbing and disassemble the pipe.
Check valves at the entrance to the apartment.If there is any doubt that they are reliable, safe to change.To do this will need to shut off the water in the basement of your house.Refer to the appropriate service.
Cut the pipe into pieces of desired length using special scissors.How many of them will turn out depends on the configuration of your circuit.Now all the pieces of flare pipe at both ends with a special tool - rolling-mill.It is necessary to put on the pipe fitting.
To the input screw tap filter for rough water purification, using the retrieve connection-fum Special sanitary tape or thread.Foum-tape and wrap tightly in sufficient quantities.You can pre-workout.
Disassemble the right fitting.Take the first (on the scheme) piece of pipe.Put the pipe nut and the fitting ring that was inside.Insert the fitting into the tube and gently tighten the nut.Next, wrap-fum tape to the threads of the fitting and screw it into the filter.Carefully tighten key (a single key keep the filter, the other tightens the fitting).
Repeat the above procedure for each connection.Follow the scheme forward.Do as you wish: finished first with cold water and then proceed with the hot lead or two parallel branches.