How much is a new bath?

Cost bath depends on what material it is made, what size cup is what kind of country is made for any additional options fitted.

Bathtubs manufactured by domestic producers is much cheaper than imported ones.The quality of not lower.

So, the cost of cast iron bathtubs produced by Russian companies, ranges from 9500 to 14 500 rubles, depending on the size and quality of the iron.Similar baths imported will cost from 10 200 to 29 000 rubles.

old tub can be replaced by steel.It is cheaper and easier.However, heat is not holding, unlike iron.Such bath will cost from 3 850 to 24 000 rubles.

Recently popular acrylic bathtubs.Their range is very wide, and the choice of a bath becomes a daunting task.Pay attention to the thickness of the acrylic layer - thinner than he had, the worse the quality.Acrylic bath costs from
5000 to 34 000 rubles.There are expensive options acrylic bathtubs precarious backlit, hydromassage.The cost of such baths from 90 000 rubles.

costs are not limited to the purchase of a new bath.Still have to spend money on its delivery, installation and dismantling of the old baths.In addition, the installation of a new bath entails renovated bathroom and not only.Introducing heavy bulky old bath, workers can damage the walls, floors, doors to other rooms.

turns out that the replacement of baths - a costly exercise.On the other hand, spend a day and choosing a quality and comfortable bath, you over the years can not worry about its appearance and condition.

If funds still do not allow us to replace a bath, and views of the old baths depressing, you can consider a more economical option - the restoration of the bath.

How can we restore the bath?

oldest and fairly cheap way to the restoration of the bath - enamelling.For this method, the epoxy resin used with a hardener.Such a coating will last from 3 to 12 years.But if before applying the enamel master poorly machined surface, the coating will soon begin to bubble and slazit pieces.There is in this process of restoration is another drawback - the material can give stains from what bath looks untidy.

relatively new method is considered to be the restoration of the bath liquid acrylic - bath filler.It consists in that the bath liquid is poured acrylic, he spreads it and solidify, forms a new plastic surface.The material for this restoration process is quite expensive, but it is non-toxic and odorless.This bath is smooth and beautiful and will last a long time.

There is another way to quickly and easily turn an old tub to a new - insert acrylic liner that is exactly the same form of the old baths.In this technology, there is a thermos effect, water in a bath longer cools.The disadvantage of such a restoration is its high cost, which can be compared with the cost of a new bathtub.

average cost of restoration is 3 000 rubles.To save, you can restore the bath one of these methods personally.But if you've never done this before, it is better to overpay a little and trust the professionals.