not each of us a plumber, but we must have an idea of ​​how to conduct independent repair sewerage and water supply in the bathroom.Plumbing in the house requires a good condition.First, consider the issues related to drainage, and then with water supply.

Sewage should work properly

During repair (replacement) of pipes that discharge waste water must be provided to bias from plumbing fixtures to a riser (a minimum of 1.5% for polymers and 4% for iron, depending on theroughness of the inner surface of the pipe materials).Plastic pipes have excellent characteristics.They are light weight, no susceptibility to electrochemical corrosion, resistant to acids, salts and alkalis.They are easy to work with.Cast iron pipes have a very high reliability, but they are now rarely used.The sewerage system of the apartment (WC and other rooms) used
a pipe diameter of 32 to 110 mm.

If necessary, self-repair (assembly), it is necessary to move from the sewer riser toward the sanitary unit, bells, it should be installed upstream. I want to note that in order to provide the necessary thermal expansion between the end of the inlet pipe and the base of the bell, it is necessary to leave a gap of about 8-10 mm to comply with the safe operation of sewage. Cutting and removing the conical chamfering plastic pipes must be performed grinder.Chamfer is necessary to process a sandpaper, there should be no burrs and irregularities.

assembly and adjustment of sewer pipes should be carried out without pre-cuffs and rubber seals as well as pipes with rings (even with lubrication) is very difficult to connect.Then in its place install all seals and drainage system is going to definitively.As a lubricant suitable for rubber seals silicone, soapy water and glycerin.When assembling, observe that there is a coincidence of the axes of the pipe.

By turning the tube at right angles need to put two plastic knee 45 degrees., Instead of 90 degrees.It is advisable to use the oblique tees rather than rectangular.After assembly, sewage, it is necessary to securely fix all the pipes.For mounting (for example, the riser), remarkably fit regular collars.


for repairs (it may be a bathroom, bathroom) should be used pipework from polymers, metal-plastic and copper.Consider
repair the installation of the mixer.To do this, you can apply two single threaded coupling or a special kit.Connectors should be aligned horizontally.Direct mounting location (eg bath) is determined by the type of mixer, wall tile seams.It is necessary to comply with the condition that the hoses can reach the faucet threaded couplings.

With regard to repair the toilet tank, then it is necessary to sum up the cold water about 20 cm from the floor.Location analysis of water should be slightly away from the edges, have free access, here it is necessary to install and mount the valve inlet hose.

arranging conclusions cold and hot water faucet, you need to install them compact and then close in a specially prepared place or nightstand.Outlet ends run on a few centimeters above the sewer pipe at a distance of about 100 mm between them.It should fulfill the fitting is attached to the washbasin siphon and collected mixer. Today plumbing essentials of the subject is converted into one of the interior elements.All the more appreciated the convenience and practicality, simple operation and maintenance.It should be considered during all repairs.