design.It is unlikely that these works you can perform yourself - it is better to do it together with a specialist.But make sure that all your wishes are understood and properly taken into account, you simply must.For example, when there is no access to the gas pipeline should be provided heating gas from gas cylinders, and you may want to "warm floor" or hot water in the pool - all this should also be taken into account.In addition, it should be remembered that for boilers over 60 kW require a separate room and a separate entrance.
Selection of equipment.
greatest difficulties here will cause a variety of boiler.First of all, it should be remembered that the power of
the boiler should be selected based on the heated area and the type of home (the material from which it is built).The boilers can be either wall-mounted or floor.Floor boilers are generally more powerful.For a wooden house or cottage will be enough power supply kotla.Goryachee wall.This feature provides combi boilers, in addition, the boiler can be built tank.By purchasing this type of boiler, you get the opportunity to at any time convenient for you to use hot water.
Laying communications.If you have the knowledge, skills and abilities in this regard, that these works you can accomplish on their own.
installation, configuration and startup of the boiler equipment.There are no options - the work must be performed only by specialists for you is quality control of the works.Alternatively, if the installation of gas heating is planned in a small house, a garage or a bath, it is possible to install a gas stove or a special converter that can quickly warm the air.This equipment is as safe and reliable as the boiler.It is resistant to low temperatures, is compact.The main disadvantage of the impossibility of his organization vodosnabzheniya.Zaranee hot, even at the stage of designing and building a house or cottage, think about the heating system -designing gas heating requires special knowledge and as specific as possible.Only then you can be absolutely sure that the heating system reliably and guaranteed to retain heat in your home.