trays of enameled metal

To produce this type of pallet commonly used steel thickness of 2-4 mm, which is then covered with enamel of any color on the outside.Such sanitary equipment, according to the application vendors, can withstand the impact of 200 gram metal ball fell from the meter height, which does not cause visible damage to the surface.

enamel, increasing the thickness of the steel has not only a decorative function, but also absorbs the noise from falling in the shower water absorbs vibration and heats up quickly, making the pan to warm the feet.
This pallet is lightweight and easy to use, including the fact that a good clean - dirt on the surface of the
enamel is not delayed due to lack of fine pores in it.

As a rule, the product is installed on a special legs or stand / support, which provides greater stability when the pallet operation.Products of this type are made of enameled metal, quite democratic in its price, and have a long life.

Acrylic trays

Material production - sanitary acrylic plastic with a thickness of 4-6 mm.The advantages of the performance pallet are: low thermal conductivity, relatively low weight and hygiene, which is especially important for families with a large number of people.

Usually the inner side of the pallet fiberglass reinforcing fibers with the assumption of polyester resins in the composition.
manufacturers supply their equipment additional spraying, whereby the pallet is much slower the irritating plaque and housewives are not visible fine scratches.

The design also includes acrylic trays BS plate 16 millimeters at the bottom of the device and the metal frame of steel or aluminum, which reduces the risk of deformation of the pallet.Due to these characteristics and design features of sanitary equipment, although less durable than metal, but it is easy to clean, retains heat for the feet and have a good grounding.

trays of cast marble

thickness of this type of pallet - 2 centimeters of artificial marble, manufactured from granite chips and adhesive.This is a very strong sanitary device with a low coefficient of sliding after hitting him water.

This is probably the most durable kind of pallets, which perfectly absorbs noise from the falling drops of water inside the shower, and also provides a large selection of colors and textures.

Other materials manufacturing

Specialty stores offer their customers and cheaper trays, made of cast iron and ceramics.Nevertheless, they buy and use much less.

Cast iron pans have such negative characteristics, such as low noise insulation, and the second type of plumbing is very fragile and easily breaks down due to chipping or bruises.