course, set their own gas boiler can not be myself.The fact that it requires special knowledge and equipment.Must be respected as the building codes and fire safety regulations.In addition, wishing to save on the installation of the boiler, you will do yourself a disservice.No respectable company will undertake for troubleshooting handicraft assembled and installed a gas boiler.Finding the right repair service not only extended in time fix, and costing a pretty penny.
desirable design of the heating system lay in creating the drawings of the house.The gas heating system includes a heat generator, control system of the heating process, piping layout and equipment of heating (radiators).Location of these structural elements should be indicated in the drawing project.Since boilers often have the kitchen, its height should be 2.5 m or more, and the area - at least 15 m2.If the room does not satisfy these conditions, the boiler should be given a separate non-residential premises.
first laid pipes or walls or in the ceiling.It also needs to be done during the construction phase, otherwise we will have to do additional work on shtroblenie walls.
After piping placed the boiler itself.Boiler usually has an automated control system.The boiler can be floor or wall.Most often in small country houses use the second option.Wall-mounted boiler is compact enough, combines in one case he heat exchanger, burner, circulation pump, expansion tank and a variety of regulators.
If in parallel with the heating of the house you plan to use the boiler for heating water, then use a combi boiler with storage of large volumes.Since such boilers use a lot of gas, it is advisable to provide space for a gas cylinder with liquid.
last stage heating pad - installation of radiators followed by purging, testing and commissioning of the installed equipment.