Removing the bath is the most time-consuming process.It is necessary to remove all Interfering with (cabinets and shelves).You can unlock the door to the bathroom to avoid scratching it and that it does not interfere with the removal of the cup and install the new one.It is also necessary to remove the mixers when removing them necessarily block the flow of water.
next step will disconnect the drain pipe when screwed tightly (cast iron tubes from the Soviet era), then they need to be cut and the subsequent installation of a new set of plastic tubs.
Some tubs lined with tiles and walled up with cement to fell the entire wall should be carefully chisel
to knock down the old plaster.After the liberation of the bath crowbar to push her away from the wall and turning it sideways to make the premises.For the removal and export of bath is better to turn to the appropriate services (weight bath of about 100 kg).
Submitted bath and set to the desired location.The floor must be flat and tile laid tight to the weight of the cup is not cracked.It is necessary to align the bath with the help of the adjustable legs, controlling the level.Far from the edge of the drain should be a little higher, it will completely merge water.Do not reduce the feet bath, because it is necessary to replace the technological space in the siphon seals and eliminate leaks.
modern piping is made of plastic or polyethylene, so do not tighten the nut too, it is better to use force before the first resistance.Top characteristics are poliizopropilenovye traps, they are durable and are not damaged during installation, durable and resistant to aggressive environments, having a smooth surface microstructure, less clogged.Overflows from propylene pipes passed through a more water and therefore less risk of flood neighbors.
puts on the old place and checked mixers.After installing the siphon and overflow to check their work, for it is poured into the bath water, and traced its drain if there is leakage, it is necessary to tighten the connection.Restored old tiling can further be put under the bath screen.