Tip 1: How to install washing machine

Proper installation and connection of the washing machine machines- guarantee long life and quiet operation of the device.Most stores offer free delivery and installation of home appliances, which you should use if you are not confident that you can perform the installation and connection of their own.
Before installing and connecting the washing machine, remove the back wall, remove the transit bolts and fold them for storage.They always need to put in transit to fix the drum against unwanted loosening.If you forget to remove the bolts, then when you turn the drum machine will be damaged and the warranty in these cases is not performed.
Install the machine on a hard, flat surface.Use soft rubber carpet under the machine is impossible.Take the level and adjust the feet flat installation.And you need to install with minimal loosening legs.If car-automatic set unevenly, it will publish a strongly increased noise and vibrate at high speed spin.This will significantly reduce
the operating time of the drum bearing, they will emit a loud humming and the car will have to repair.Incorrect installation warranty repair is performed.
connect car- machine can only own a grounded outlet.Adapters and extenders use is not allowed.If you are installing the machine in a room with high humidity, get a special outlet that is installed in such conditions.While in damp areas setting up your washing machine machines- and highly undesirable.
for connection to the drain and water is possible only through the hose supplied with the machine.If you miss him, no connections are not used.Buy hoses desired length and attach to double tee or water and sanitation.
By following these simple rules, you will ensure a long life of their washing machine and the safety of its use.

Tip 2: How to connect the machine Machine

Modern washing machines- machines are expensive, besides, their owners have to pay for delivery and installation.However, in the last paragraph it is possible to save money by connecting car own.
How to connect the machine Machine
you need
  • washing machine, you are going to connect, accessories, siphon the water splitter.
Put the washing machine on the place where you connect it, and remove the transit bolts.
Build and install a siphon.Make it pretty easy, because the entire modern equipment both imported and domestically produced attached detailed instructions.You will need a siphon with a special approach for washing machine.
The water splitter, insert the gasket, then place it between the flexible hose that goes to the mixer and the pipe with cold water.Before installing a splitter, be sure to turn off the water.
Open the main valve to make sure there are no leaks.If the leak is still there, a little bit, tighten the nut of the hose or splitter.
Screw the hose to the allotment intended for the abstraction of water, which comes from the washing machine.
Adjust the height of the drain hose.It should have a height of at least 80 centimeters from the floor.
Adjust the washing machine.To do this, put on its surface level and tighten the machine feet.Then turn the level perpendicular to repeat the setting.
Put the washing machine old t-shirt or any other unnecessary things.Spend on the hottest wash program to machine washed their insides.
area, where you will be placing the washing machine, and the machine feet must be dry, so that the machine does not slide during the spin cycle.On soft flooring to install the machine is not recommended because during the spin cycle vibration usually occurs.
Helpful Hint
desirable to set the washing machine in a corner of the room - this is where the greatest resistance of the floor.
  • detailed story about the process of installing a washing machine.