Special liquid for cleaning pipes excellent help to cope with the removal of the blockage and sanitation.Buy any suitable means.But remember that it is cheaper than, the longer it will soften obstruction .Some liquids are able to fix the problem just 15 minutes, while others cope with the task in 24 hours.However, the exposure time should not be so, what is written on the package, you should be guided by the degree of clogged pipes.If the water does not go away, so after a flooded vehicle, increase the recommended exposure time for 2-3 hours.Once the water starts to go well into the drain pipe, fill
it with boiling water 3-5 liters to wash the walls thoroughly drain.
If alkaline or acidic fluid does not help, use the rope.Stick it into the drain pipe and twist from side to side.Then you can fill even a special agent for the best results.The tube is flush with boiling water.To avoid such problems did not arise, pour alkaline liquid once a month at night for prevention.
When all else fails - do not suffer.If the blockage far into the pipe, then it can only be eliminated professional cable or high-pressure devices.Of course, if you have a compressor, you can use it.But here you need to be smart and connected device so that the air flows directly into the pipe.But plumbers do it much easier, because they have all the necessary tools to do so.