Tip 1: How to blow pipe

Country houses usually have their own independent system of water supply and heating, so owners should be able to maintain the health of their own infrastructure, their own home.
Each house has its own individual heating system and most of the engineering solution is taken into account self-draining, but there are exceptions, and just "shoddy work" installers of the system (for example, pipe maygo at or below the floor), for which you have to intervene in the process of draining the water to prevent it from freezing in the system and, accordingly, the output of the last failure.To do this, be sure to get the compressor and the receiver, which, after use of the natural drainage of water, in order to purge the system and remove the remains.
When buying a compressor to consider the size of the heating system, the pipe diameter, depending on which experts will be picked up by the compressor specific power and the required volume of the receiver.
Remember that the volume of the re
ceiver must exceed the amount of water placed in your system is about 3 times.
sure to specify the expert, how many branches in your system and how much is the drain valve.To be most effective purge of each branch separately, differently because of the increasing cross-section air velocity in some places may not be enough, or purchase a more powerful receiver immediately.
Remember that even using the compressor, you might not be able to blow out all the moisture completely!In this case, it makes sense to pour antifreeze, which would have 100% confidence that the next warm season do not have to think about repairing the heating system / water supply.

Tip 2: How to start your morning

start the morning right, you will ensure yourself a positive and productive working day, even if it is full of cases of intense and stressful meetings.Learn how to get up on the wrong foot because of simple tips morning.
Bodrov morning provides a joyful and fruitful time.
morning begins the night before, so try not to eat 4 hours before bedtime, alcohol and too emotional to watch movies.Better an hour before bedtime take a soothing shower, drink a cup of yogurt or honey water.
to the morning of irritation to run throughout the apartment, prepare all the necessary things in the evening, Gather bag Complement outfit, which will go for and tidy - waking up among the scattered papers and plates notreally nice.
Start Service for half an hour before the rise all the members of your family.It does not allow you to take their turn in the bathroom and do not crowd the kitchen, because these minor factors in the morning may seem a disaster.
tune on the alarm clock should not annoy you, therefore, it is desirable that the music was quiet, unobtrusive and smooth.Of course, if you're a fan of rock and guitar gash pleases you at any time of day, select the song that you like.
pm With leave of the curtains parted, it will provide the penetration of sunlight into the room, so that your body will be much easier to wake up.
Lying in bed, do some exercises on your feet, for example, "bicycle" or "scissors".Get up slowly and do the five tilts to the side and as many sit-ups.Blood will begin to move your body with muscle numbness wears off, and you will visit a pleasant morning courage.
Take a contrast shower.After cleaning the skin, you finally secure supply of energy and charge a good mood.
If the reflection in the mirror you are not very happy, remove puffiness from the face of pre-prepared ice cubes.To skin became radiant appearance, cubes can be from the frozen broth chamomile or sage, which are perfectly toned skin.
After drinking a glass of clean water with a squeeze of lemon slice, start cooking breakfast.It should be easy, but nutritious and energize the entire first half of the day.How great option will suit oatmeal with pieces of dried apricots and prunes, as well as juicy fruit or toast with a slice of low-fat cheese.If you like coffee, you do not deny yourself in it, but during the day by the drink should be abandoned.
to your mood, not only did not fall but rise, make a beautiful table setting, slightly open window, letting in fresh air, and turn on your favorite music.Feel free to dance, sing and smile - all of this is your invaluable source of positive for the day.