Even before the construction of the house is necessary to determine the possibility of obtaining water in sufficient quantities.There are several ways:
• connecting to an existing water vodopro ;
• drilling artesian wells;
• a well in the yard.
easiest and most reliable option - it is a connection to the existing water vodopro .Already at the stage of designing the house you need to get the right to connect to the local water vodopro agreement.Also be sure to get permission for the installation of a new water pipeline in those households that may be in the area underground utilities (electric cables, telecommunication lines, etc.).If well with shut-off valve is located far from the location of the house, you must obtain the consent of
the host conduit to build their own well in the point of connection of the new aqueduct.
After receiving all approvals and permits to start building the track.First, you need to make two pit - first place tie in the water main, the second on the estate.The depth of the wells should be at least 2 meters, a diameter of not less than 1m.Inside the walls of the well, it is desirable to lay a brick or stone.
wells connect the trench in which the pipe will be installed.If the projected path crosses the highway, the passage of the pipeline is more profitable to make a puncture.Puncture horizontal drilling is done, or "mole."The depth of the trench and a puncture under the road must be below the freezing depth of soil.
After the prepared hole piercing the bottom of the trench miss HDPE water pipe.In the second set the pit at the end of the works of valves and a tee.For one hole tee connect the riser (for summer water in the yard) and tap (to drain the water in the winter).The other opening is necessary to connect the water pipe leading to the house.To do this, the tube is put into a foundation pit, made by underground.Hence, through the shut-off valve is performed wiring of internal plumbing.
Once the layout of the house and in the yard is completed, invite experts who will perform the sidebar of your local water supply system in the main water supply.