Who appreciates their money, certainly mark a significant savings when using a water meter, as an average, the cost of hot and cold water will be reduced once every two or three.To date, payment is made for the total water rate, therefore it is necessary to pay even if water is not used.For example, when a person leaves, under renovation, etc.In addition, each family of water flow varies.In a family with young children the water takes much more than, say, a family of two working adults who use water only in the morning and evening.A monthly payment at all identical


Very often, those who set themselves the water meter can be heard only positive feedback.But, unfortunately, there are cases when the owners were unhappy with.For example, when counting on savings accounts to pay more as a result.It occurs when the apartment is home to more people than is actually written.Or if the apartment is rented a large number of people.Therefore, before you install the counter should be familiar with the norms of expenditure.Today, a resident of the capital according to the standards spends about 160 liters of hot water and cold water 240litrov during the day.Calculate what the actual water consumption will be just in your apartment.

Do not forget to check the plumbing: Do not leaking faucet or toilet cistern, because of these faults will inevitably have to pay out of pocket.

happens that accounts for more pay as a result of improper installation or due to malfunctions of devices.

What to do in case you decide to remove the water meter, where to go and how to act?In no case do not try to do it yourself!Check with the government, which notifies that the consumer is not allowed to repair, dismantling, installation or maintenance of water meters.Consumers who violate this decision, pay the fine imposed after proceedings by higher authorities.

all servicing and removal of instruments should be made to that company, which installs the meter in the apartment.The firm must have the appropriate license, permit a proper operation in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.In this case, the written statement which explains the reasons for not using the device, and then drawn up an agreement on the work, and after - the act of manipulating the done.

the only way to properly remove the water meter without breaking the law or causing yourself unnecessary problems.