To save buy electric boiler.The most expensive option is the boiler on LPG or diesel fuel.Also consider ease of use of boilers.When using solid fuel boilers require constant reload fuel is preferable to gas or electric boilers.
Expect boilers that run on the main gas.The heating season lasts for about 7 months.To heat 10 sq.meters of living space, the boiler is required 1 kW.Approximately all the heating season area of ​​150 sq.flow meters, we get 37,800 kW / h.This is certainly not an exact value, as is still dependent on the warming of the house, wall thickness, length of the winter, it is cold or not.
To find out the cost of the
main gas flow, multiply the cost of the season at the cost of 1 kW / h of gas main.
In the case of use of solid fuel boiler (wood burning) should know that 1m cubic of firewood required 650 kg.and 0.4 kg.firewood to produce 1 kilowatt / hour.
If you have an electric boiler: 1 kW / h of heat energy equal to 1 kW / h of electricity.Calculate the cost on heating boiler so very simple - the cost will be the cost of a kilowatt of heat for 1 kW / h.
The biggest expenditure will on heating boiler using diesel fuel as 0.1 liter diesel is 1 kW / hr of thermal energy, and diesel fuel is not cheap.But if you can not use another heating , you can use this option.
When calculating the cost of heating you should consider the cost of the equipment itself.In this case, the installation and the cost of electric boiler is the lowest, and the boiler on diesel fuel - the highest.Follow these tips to choose the best option of heating does not present much difficulty.Choose according to your capabilities and wishes.