Tip 1: How to make the layout of water

Any serious repairs in housing starts with the repair or replacement of plumbing.The reliability and service life of not only the entire water system, but also nodes consumers water in our house depends on the quality and the correct implementation of the replacement of plumbing and wiring pipes.
you need
  • - polypropylene pipes PN-20 with a diameter of 20 mm and 25 mm;
  • - scissors for cutting tubes;
  • - spanner;
  • - for soldering pipes;
  • - fittings (tee area 45 and 90 degrees);
  • - meters water meters;
  • - coupling nuts;
  • - ball valves.
Start wiring water pipes in the apartment from the ball valve on the riser hot and cold water .After the ball valve by means of a spanner, set the coarse filters (sumps) paired with meters of water accounting (water meters), union nut and then the pipe hot and cold water .For the twists and turns corners in the pipe, use 45 or 90 degrees.
Using a level, make the layout of the piping (for example, water-pipes passes over the pipe cold
water ).For fastening pipes using special flat clips, which are set on the wall every 50-60 cm. Pipes of hot and cold water lay along the walls, fixing them installed clamps.Joints and pipe bends minimized to facilitate installation.
water pipe installation is performed using a special soldering iron, heated to a temperature of 250 C. Fittings heat soldering iron for 6 seconds and tightly Dock.That will have a very strong connection.For cutting pipes use special scissors, in the absence thereof - Hacksaw.
Water connection mixers and nodes - consumers water done directly through each point tees flexible reinforced hoses.On the supply pipe water to the toilet for the convenience of a single set of ball valve.

Tip 2: How to make the pipework

Technical work in the house is almost always associated with the need to change or upgrade the heating system or water supply, so apartment owners often have to do the wiring pipes .
How to make a layout of pipes
Select material for pipes .Please note that the copper pipes s are the most reliable and environmentally friendly, but also the most expensive.And to perform wiring required special tools.For plastic pipes may require special soldering.Plastic pipes s fitted with threaded connections and perform wiring them easier.
Start with the mandatory plan the layout.For the system to work reliably, while laying pipes do as little as possible bends and joints.Avoid possible angles in drain pipes ah.Designed, cut s pipes to the required length, cut the thread.Apply fum-tape before installing the fitting to prevent leakage in the future.
Follow wiring using tees or manifold.The collector is good that in case of failure or replacement of plumbing fixtures, you can easily disable it.But the cost of the collector system twice.Using tees, set near plumbing fixtures shut-off valves.
Put the shut-off valve on the pipe bends s on each riser.Usually after a shut-off valve put the counter, after which the filter is installed.Performing wiring water supply to the toilet tank, and put the stop valve.
If you sew up pipes and risers s wall or conduit, make access holes to allow easy access to valves, meters and filters.
not buy no quality ball valves, the quality of the ball valve (working pressure up to 60 atmospheres, temperatures up to 150 degrees) depends on many things.After all, it is a ball valve shuts off the water in the apartment at the leak.When buying a meter of water metering (for cold - blue hot - red) check for the certificate.
Helpful Hint
Buy all materials (pipes and fittings) of the same type and from the same manufacturer.Before buying, make sure that all the connectors are waterproof.