you need
  • - sand
  • - foam
  • - silicone sealant
Treat the choice of bath with all seriousness.Currently bath made of different materials.This traditional cast iron tubs that let Russian, European, American and Turkish producers, and modern baths, made of new lightweight materials - plastic or acrylic.
choose a bathtub must be installed so that it does not move and that of the bath did not get water.
attachment method will depend on the bath.If, for example, bought a plastic tub with a metal frame, it is necessary to install it according to the instructions that came with.
heavy cast-iron bath, it is difficult to budge.But today, many would like to buy
the steel enamel bath.These baths are cheap and durable, but have serious drawbacks.Because of its ease of these baths are unstable in the recruitment of water they produce hollow sound, besides the water in them quickly cools.
But if you attach a bath of steel in a special way, these disadvantages can be eliminated.

steel baths have legs that are height adjustable.Adjust the bath and place them in a container, one-third filled with sand.Sand has excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption properties and therefore prevents the rapid cooling of the water and removes existing nerves sounds.If you do not have a suitable vessel, who made of water resistant material box.
Attach bath of steel and can be different.Place the bricks under the bottom of the bath, or other extra support and fill the entire space with foam.It will take about four cylinder.Polyurethane foam insulates bath even better than sand.
then zadekoriruyte assembly foam tray with sand or ceramic tile or plastic panels.
joint between the bathtub and the wall waterproofing with silicone sealant.