you need
  • - polish;
  • - liquid acrylic;
  • - Drill;
  • - putty;
  • - airbrush;
  • - sandpaper.
To get rid bathroom from minor scratches and burn-through pre-wet the surface scratched, strip her first major sandpaper, and then - fine.Scratches can also clean a felt cloth.Deal with the stripped portion of the bathroom a special polish.With deep burn marks fill bath liquid acrylic and polish.
deep cracks chisel drill, zashpatlyuyte and wait until dry.Sand the dry surface of the coarse and fine sandpaper, then evenly paint using an airbrush.This carefully select the paint color, so that it exactly matched the color of the bath.After two days, when the paint is crystallized, treat the surface of a special polish.
deep defects seal the
coarse filler.It forms a homogeneous layer, which is not subject to shattering.Sand the surface with sandpaper.Make finishing.Seal defects fine filler, smooth out fine sandpaper, carefully pick up the color and color bath .After crystallization of paint in two days, polish the surface.