Replacement cost is very expensive bath, because in addition to the cost of the baths have to pay for work on its installation.There is another option to install acrylic liner that is done easily and quickly, but unfortunately it is also quite an expensive way out, and will not get them anywhere.But it is possible to restore the enamel bath - it does not require special skills and big money trat.Prezhde all, choose the enamel bath.Enamels in aerosol cans easier to apply, but they have a much shorter life than the enamel in the usual packaging.In addition you need a primer, which is available in aerosol.
Wash thoroughly all the impurities from the bathroom, rust and loose and loose flakes of old enamel.If possible make mechanical polishing of t
he entire surface.Deal with rusty surface active detergent or a solution of oxalic acid.Rinse off detergent and dry thoroughly bath.After that eliminate the possibility of water splashing in the bathroom - it can completely ruin the future of enamel coating.
also desirable to reduce the humidity in the bathroom room using a heater reflex, or just a few hours ventilate the room.
Apply primer on the prepared surface in accordance with the recommendations thereon.If you use aerosol primer, be sure to use respiratory protection - cloth bandage or respirator.
After hardening the ground, apply the enamel in 3-4 layers with an interval of 15-20 minutes and allow it to harden for 1-2 days (depending on the type of paint).Before using bathroom thoroughly rinse it cleaner with more vody.Vosstanovit enamel bath in this way can be almost unlimited number of times.