you need
  • - wire;
  • - hook;
  • - pin;
  • - burlap;
  • - straw;
  • - hay;
  • - sawdust;
  • - thermal fan.
pipe and the hole itself can be thawed using electric current.Prepare iron pin, copper wire 2 kW hook.Strip conductors at both edges of 30-40 cm in order to make a strong enough around the winding pin at one end and the other around the hook.
If caught only pipe pin is not required.Wrap the tube around the stripped wire end, the other end strapped to an iron hook.Wear rubber gloves intended for electrical work, throw with a hook on the wire "phase".After 1-2 hours your pipes leading to a pit latrine , is completely thawed.
top layer of ice in the sump an
d thawed, but only if the ice is thin and intercepted only the upper part.If the layer is thick enough, or the pit peremorozhena completely, attaching the wire to the pipe only - completely inadequate measure.
with a gas burner or blow torch thaw snow and ice around the hole, lift the lid, using hammer jackhammer or cleaver iron pin and attach the wire, carefully wrap.The other end of the wire to fasten the hook to fling wire "phase".Defrost strongly the stood pit latrine have long enough.Fully ice melts within 12-24 hours.Use caution.Protect the site to him accidentally got children, passers-by, animals.
Once completed, remove the hook from the electrical wires, remove the pin, close the lid.Top make bulk box and close it cushions made of burlap and straw, hay or sawdust.
addition of electric current, to defrost the sump, you can use a heat fan, but this process is quite lengthy and does not always produce the desired results.
During warmer months, perform insulation works well and make a sufficient angle of inclination to the pipe does not catch.