you need
  • - adjustable or pipe wrench,
  • - FPM tape (white or yellow ribbon winding on the thread).
To install the ball valve you need to decide: firstly, where he will have to stand;secondly, whether it is convenient for him to crawl;Thirdly, it is convenient to be open, would not turn the tap handle or disturb anything.When choosing a crane is necessary to clarify its diameter or the diameter of the thread that you need in this particular case.The device is quite unusual crane, its main part - a mobile sphere with a hole
in the middle.When the hole is aligned with the hole flange tap, the water flow;when you turn to the other side of the crane, the scope overlaps a hole.
ball valves may have different flanges, with an external or internal thread.Before installation, check what you need a crane - with two external threads with one internal and one external thread, with both internal threads.Everything will depend on where you fasten the crane.For example, if the water heater, there will tap external and internal threads.In addition, the crane put the arrow to the direction of movement of the water - keep this condition.
And last action.Screw the valve in place, look again, would not interfere with the rotation of the tap handle anything?If you fasten the crane to the pipe which has an open thread, and at the tap closed thread on the flange, it is necessary to wind the tape Fuma clockwise (when looking at the opening of the tube).Screw the tap on the pipe.If the valve is screwed easy, podmotayte fly to Fuma until the valve starts to be screwed hard, so much so that even the key then tighten it strongly, while the tape Fuma must squeeze a little on-site dock crane and pipe.If you tap on the other end open thread, then wind the tape Fuma it and screw the flange from the pipe on the tap again, looking to fasten all very tight!Now, let the water run, and check that the water never leaking and dripping!