Tip 1: How to disassemble the mixer

In the operation of plumbing in the house most of the mixer was broken: even in the kitchen, even in the bathroom.All mixers one problem - they start to leak, so they have to deal with.
you need
  • gas or adjustable wrench, removable rubber gasket and a screwdriver.
probably every man in his life did replace the rubber gasket on the head parts in the bathroom or kitchen.And if someone else did not do or can not now learn.
First, we need to cut off the flow of water to our taps.That is, we reimplemented the valve supplying water to our taps.Typically this valve is on the way to the pipe crane.Typically, this is either a bathtub or toilet.If the water still continues to run without the help of sanitary ware are not enough.Also pay attention to the fact that if tap water runs very quietly, after tightening the valve the water supply, it is necessary to fully open the second (bath or shower) - is to slow water flow.
see that the water is not running - completely untwist the tap
.Use a screwdriver to unscrew fastening plastic or metal handles after removing them with protective caps.Twisted head parts and a key with a screwdriver unscrew the mounting of our rubber gasket.Changing to a new and do everything in reverse order.Fix the spacer in the head parts, screw-head parts back.Top put our arm and fasten it, do not forget to put on the end cap.Turn off the water supply valve and check whether the water running from the tap.It does not run?So, you did everything right.

Tip 2: How to disassemble the mixer Vidima

Even expensive mixers break down over time, for example, begin to leak when closed.But do not shoot from the hip, replacing defective faucet new.It can still be repaired.To extend the life of its own mixer, for example, single-lever Vidima, we first need to learn how to disassemble.
How to disassemble the mixer Vidima
you need
  • - a set of screwdrivers;
  • - keys;
  • - cartridge.
Gently pry the screwdriver edge two-tone plastic plug and pull it out.This stub points in the direction of movement of the lever to open the cold and hot water and closes the opening, wherein the locking screw is located.
Remove the locking screw and remove the faucet handle, installed in the control arm of the cartridge.The majority of single-lever faucets Vidima locking screw has a hexagonal slot-hole, so to take it off, you will need the appropriate key.
Remove the faucet handle, and then remove the decorative nut, and behind it and the union nut by means of which the cartridge is attached to the seat of the mixer.Unscrew the decorative nut can simply hand.To loosen the union nut need a special key.
4 Remove the old toner cartridge and install in its place a new one.Note that a new cartridge must be installed so that its openings align with the holes in the seat of the mixer.At the bottom of the cartridge there are small protrusions that prevent the displacement of the element (the main thing - the projections should coincide with the grooves in the bottom of the mixer).
After installing the cartridge, tighten the cap nut firmly pressing it against the seat of the mixer.Following this, wrap a decorative nut.
Push the knob on the control lever mixer cartridge, then lock the locking screw using the allen key.Then replace the plastic plug.Crane renovated, but to make sure that the fault is eliminated, be sure to check the mixer.
To prevent damage to the surface of the ceramic plate impurities contained in tap water, install a filter before the mixer, mechanical treatment.
Helpful Hint
Due to the unique technology and structural features of single-lever mixers have a high level of reliability.Typically, design of cartridge provides two polished plates, tightly adjacent to each other.These ceramic plates are durable, and they are not afraid of corrosion.
  • repair single-lever mixer with their hands
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