you need
  • - the water gander;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - O-ring with a diameter of ¾ inch;
  • - FPM tape;
  • - rags.
Gussaki water mixers differ in such properties as the shape, type and length.These parameters depend on the purpose of the mixer, but most Gussaki divided into two groups - one-piece and turning.The first type is integral with the hull itself mixer and subjected to a dismantling can not be.Swivel version bolted to the mixer in case of failure can be removed and replaced with a new one.
for the work ahead will require a new gander desired shape and size, the O-ring with a diameter of ¾ inch, fum-tape and rags.It is necessary to prepare an adjustable wrench, and in his absence handy pliers.It cut off the water to protect themselves and the room from unexpected situations.
Husak attached to the mixer with the nut.It is fastened to a piece of pipe threaded at the end, called the challenge.When replacing an old gander at the new must first loosen this fixture.To do this, use an adjustable wrench.Beforehand you need to prepare a soft cloth.Winding nuts cloth will protect chrome decorative cover from scratches and damage.
After the nut is unscrewed, you need to carefully remove the old goose and remove worn pad from the hole in which it was installed.In its place, fit a new gasket.Thus it is necessary to follow to avoid any skew and it was tight against the pipe.At the end of the new gander, equipped with thread is wound a little fum-tape and carefully inserted into the faucet body.Do not make this a thick layer - this will prevent the free tightening nuts and tight connection details.Clamping nut fixes the gander.It should be very careful when it tightened - excessive use of force can cause it to burst.
When loosening clamping nut may have problems.During the long months of use could be formed limestone that will serve as a serious obstacle when disconnecting the gander.In this case, you can tap it on the nut to try to destroy the deposits formed.Even if the decorative coating is damaged, you can buy a new mount.If this method did not lead to the desired result, will have to buy special chemicals to break down lime.They help to solve the problem without damaging the integrity of the chrome coating.