most popular material for the manufacture of PVC water pipe is considered.Pipes from plastic is easy to connect, they are very light and durable.Installation of the system is done using a special soldering machine and takes very little time and effort.

device summer water supply in the country.

If a suburban area is only used during the summer, the water supply could be established with the help of easy system of temporary water supply system.This water is used for watering the garden, bath and shower water for household needs.In the fall of the system understands all or preserved until the spring.

Most often used for summer water supply, flexible plastic hoses with couplings.In addition to plastic components in such systems it is sometimes possible to observe and rail adapters or couplings.But much m
ore expensive metal coupling, although their life an order of magnitude greater than that of "plastic".
to create a comfortable running water on the plot, it is recommended all communications dig shallow in the ground and on the surface leaving only the valves and hose connections.Since the pipe will not interfere on the road and spoil its beauty overlooking the garden.
If the system is not dismantled for the winter, then initially it is mounted with a slight slope.At the lowest point of the system should be installed to drain the water faucet in the fall that will help to avoid burst pipes in the winter and spring of the long-term repair.

Winter water system

winter water pipe system has a capital structure and can be used in the cold season.This system uses a well or well water as a source of water.To lift water from the well pump is used, which is immersed in water.
winter supply device is somewhat more complicated than a year.The pipes are placed at a depth of more than half, the top covered with a thick layer of insulation (not less than 20 cm).As a heater can be used polystyrene, expanded clay or any other material that is not afraid of water.

to connect the pump must be equipped with a special structure with a width and a length of 50 cm, a depth of 1 meter.This recess will be in electrical communication with the pump and the water pipe connections.The walls of the recess should be strengthened with bricks, the bottom is covered with gravel.After strengthening the whole structure is insulated as described above.

What is needed for installation?

Make yourself plumbing is quite simple.To do this you will need the following materials:
 Specialized soldering PVC pipe;
 Standard pipe wrench for fittings;
 Hacksaw for cutting pipes;
 Tape and twine to mark the site;
 Robust shovel for digging trenches for pipes.

Before starting the installation, you need to draft the future of water and mark the position of all valves and connections.This will help avoid installation errors and save time and effort to correct inaccuracies.

To mark the site you need an ordinary tape measure and a skein of twine to the pegs.Also in the planning stage is to calculate the number of required elements, the overall length of the pipe.