you need
  • blowtorch, household hair dryer, electric heating appliance, a blowtorch, a mug Esmarch, wires and flexible tube, the teapot with hot water.
If you decide to quickly unfreeze water pipes in , in any case, do not make a sharp warming since the middle of the frozen section.Do not forget to open the water tap, to be thawed water could drain.The thawing process should start from a supply tap and move through the pipeline to the riser.Note the location of the frozen section of pipe, and on the basis of this start to work.
There are two ways to defrost pipes: external and internal.
For external method, you will need a blowtorc
h, household hair dryer or any electrical heaters.When using a blowtorch do not forget to set up the reflector between the wall and the pipe.If defrosting will take place in the room, take care of the security measures and start to methodically work on the pipe.Do not forget that you can open fire to defrost only steel pipes.The first drops of water will testify to achieve the effect.
Just defrost water pipes in possible with a special electric heating tape.Wrap it in the frozen section of pipe and connect to the network.
internal method defrost pipes - consuming.You need to purchase a mug Esmarch, wire and a flexible tube.The wire should be threaded through the tubing and to fix, and then open the faucet and insert a tube into the tube.
then let the hot water , be careful to circle Esmarch was above the level of the pipe, the pressure in the pipe should remain (do not cover the water ).If you do not take care of the circle, and other media can be used with hot water kettle and the usual rags that must be wrapped around the frozen section of pipe, and water it with boiling water.But this method is not very easy to use and leads the additional cleaning.