Tip 1: How to close the bath tiles

To hide the sewer fittings and siphon under the bath, her apron can be oblitsevat ceramic tiles.Such repairs immediately gives the room neat and finished appearance.To close the bath tiles and not to make a mistake, you must provide for all, and carefully follow the technology.
you need
  • - a sheet of drywall, profile UD;
  • - screws for metal ("flea");
  • - drywall screws for fastening to the profile (2.5 mm);
  • - building level or plumb line;
  • - marker;
  • - tile adhesive Cerasit CM-11 and above;
  • - Tile or glass cutter;
  • - Roulette;
  • - notched trowel;
  • - plastic container, glue;
  • - an electric mixer based;
  • - plastic audit;
  • - Drills Concrete 2.5 - 4 mm in diameter.
advantage level or plumb, mark a line on the floor to be exact projection side bathroom.It is enough to fasten the edges of bath level and, having achieved its strictly vertical position, put the points on the floor of the marker.
Stand back from the line of projection toward the bathroom a distance equal to the th
ickness of the tile, stacked with a thickness and an additional increase of 4-5 mm.On the edge of this line, you must pass a metal profile.
Create plasterboard plane on which you paste a tile.To do this around the perimeter of the marked plane prisverlite profile UD.Its design allows you to make the reinforcing insert and fix them with screws on metal.Amplifying the inserts were horizontal or vertical distance of not more than 30 cm apart.
After making the carcass cut drywall for later installation.Fix it with screws to a profile every 5-10 cm.
Prepare the glue in a plastic bucket to the consistency of sour cream and let it stand for at least 10-15 minutes.Meanwhile, soak the prepared tiles water.
Grease the base of all the tiles and drywall adhesive.First apply the adhesive dot, but in order to obtain a uniform layer of glue, use a notched trowel.Apply glue to them all of the tiles at the same angle of inclination.
Glue the first row of tiles using crusades stops tile joints, and make sure that the corners were in the same plane.Allow to dry to the first series and only thereafter proceed to the sizing of the second row.
Do not forget that access to the siphon requires revision, so be sure to leave an opening dimensions 25x25 cm for the subsequent installation of the parts.
After gluing all the whole tiles proceed with the cutting of tiles for lining the edges of the apron bathtub.
After finishing work ready to wipe the apron bathtub with a dry cloth and let dry.After the time indicated on the package with glue, seal the grout joints and treat the sealant.

Tip 2: How to lay a bath

One of the essential premises of your home is the bathroom, and the main "content" bathroom - a bathtub itself.Today, the range of offered baths extraordinarily diverse.He represented not only the traditional white goods, but also quite beautiful baths, covered with colored enamel.
How to lay the bath
Flavor bath be the same and the size of the bathroom, what would when installing it fits between the two opposite walls.
Of course, you can buy a bath , which even decorate the legs, or install acrylic (Quaryl), under which there is no empty space in general, but it is not everyone can afford.
Cheaper iron and steel baths are not very attractive appearance.In addition, spoil the aesthetics of the sink and legs.Therefore, it is necessary to close these elements "of the interior."
close the space under the bath in several ways.Enough common and inexpensive option is to install a special screen.Buy this design can be ready-made and mounted and, if necessary, it is not difficult to dismantle.
screen material, as a rule, is plastic.The design can be translucent, latticework or a dull color.Color screen washes combined with both the color of the bath, and the color of the tiles, as colors of screens is quite diverse.The screen can be both deaf and with doors - hinged or sliding.This option though a bit more expensive but more convenient, because the space under the bath can be filled with a variety of household items, which is very convenient.
Another option is to bookmark the bathroom wall of bricks that are in the process of putting on the edge, and then, most likely, is lined with tiles.It should be remembered that not desirable to lay a solid brick facade full bath, as it has under the drain hole and sewer pipes, which occasionally clogged and require cleaning or replacement.In this case, it will have to break and wall tiles and covering it.To prevent such a situation can be left in the wall "technology" opening, which will provide access to the elements of sanitation.If you open a "hole" does not suit you, reload this part of the facade of a removable shield (chipboard or plywood), which is also possible oblitsevat tiles.To the front wall of the bath panel is attached to the magnetic snap on.And household accessories can also be stored in the space under the bath.
  • how to lay tile bath
  • closing the bath tiles