Any construction usually begin in the spring.It seems that winter will come not soon, however, to take care of future warming is still an unfinished house is necessary in advance.Pobespokoytes sure that the no calorie is wasted and did not go to the house to heat the ambient air.The walls, ceiling, floor, windows, doors must have good thermal insulation, eliminating heat loss in winter.
provide this important condition, decide with what to you is more profitable to heat the house.In our time, the sources of thermal energy can be different - electricity, natural gas, solid or liquid fuels.In practice, for each type of fuel listed above, you can find a boiler for heating home.
best (cheapest) option - a boiler that runs on natural gas.Its advantage - low cost of the
raw materials used.However, during its operation it requires a certain care, despite the fact that modern boilers are equipped with safety devices.In addition, a significant investment will require the device outer liner of gas, internal wiring and connection.
All these costs and cons does not have an electric boiler.Environmentally friendly, equipped to maintain constant desired room temperature, the electric boiler is an ideal source of heat for heating home.The main reasons that limit its use - power substation, which provides electricity to the house, and the thickness of the purse owner (payment for electricity is high enough).
Modern boilers for solid fuels have rather high efficiency, are able to automatically adjust the amount of energy released, depending on the air temperature in the heated rooms.But their work is necessary to build capital chimney, room for storage of fuel.Do not avoid the dirty work, and - flue (ash, soot).
After weighing all the pros and cons choose what suits you, for example, the electric boiler.Now decide which of the existing wiring (two-pipe or single-pipe) will be used.
is believed that the one-pipe system connecting the battery does not allow them to heating of the same (from the first to the last).This is easily avoided by installing shut-off valves at the connections of batteries heating .It also helps to easily solve the problem of removing the battery, if needed, for example, its prophylactic cleaning.
determine the place of installation of the boiler and move it to the power supply.Electrocable must match the power heaters installed to heat water and power supply system can be a single-phase (220V) or three-phase (380V) depending on the power boiler.
directly on the wall mark the location of the radiator heating system .Most often used for this sill space.Even before the production of the main decorating the place zashtukaturte and color, ashereinafter will make it difficult.
pipes are connected to the boiler and radiators mounted on the walls, using the single-pipe heating scheme .
At the highest point of the circuit make a frame for the pipe connecting the system heating with the established ceiling under the expansion tank.His device is necessary becausewater in the system has the ability to change the volume depending on the temperature.Also, it is necessary to remove air from the heating system .
On the return pipe to the boiler, set the valve with.Wearing hose to it, you can, if necessary, drain the water from the heating system into drains.In addition, by connecting a hose to the water supply, the system can be powered water, avoiding getting into the air.