Installation polyethylene (PE) pipes are commonly used welding or compression fittings.Welding in this case is in the socket, and the butt.When welding is used in the polymer socket fitting.Installation of PE pipes with compression fittings is the most convenient because it can take place in any weather.The most important thing - it does not require any special skills.
When laying sewer systems installation of polypropylene (PP) pipes requires the use of rubber rings.If laid plumbing, welding method is used.PP pipe welding , should be used for heating and melting the compact welding machine.The molten tube ends are permanently connected and locked until they are completely cool.Applying for sealing rubber ring, tube must be inserted at ea
ch other.
If you are installing the tubes of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), use of shaped units, staffed by a rubber O-ring. installing pipes with a smooth surface and without socket, you must use a special glue and PVC fittings.This method is often paves the technological pipelines.
fittings used in the installation of plastic pipe, divided into the press and threaded fittings.They help to achieve integrity and reliability of the connection, which is not inferior in strength by the plastic pipe.Also fittings are plastic and metal.First made of polypropylene.They are used for installation of hot and cold water, heating and sewage systems.Fittings made of polypropylene are quite diverse and vary according to the methods of installation and purpose.Combining pipes using fittings with O-rings, simply insert the pipe into the fitting.
There is another way to install plastic pipes - electrofusion welding.It is used to connect PP pipes.In this case, apply special fittings, which are called electrofusion.Such a fitting is a heating device spiral shape.The current flows through the coil, heating it, after which polyethylene is heated to the melting temperature, which allows for welding of the fitting to the pipe.