you need
  • wrench, rubber or leather lining
Practice shows that most often fail taps and mixers are responsible for hot water.During prolonged operation of the crane gives flow , sometimes begins to rattle and poorly covers the water.
Before you start the process of troubleshooting and the tap, disconnect the water supply to the apartment.To do this, close the valve for the total water supply.It is usually on the water pipe in the toilet.
now use an adjustable wrench or spanner and unscrew faulty valve, and determine the cause of its failure.The most common cause of problems in the faucet is wear pads, used to seal, gland packing bad or worn threads on the rod.
often leak is due to hit in the smallest of foreign bodies - grains of sand, scales, etc.Is deposited
between the gasket and the valve seat, such particles erode it.Defective pads can be caused by excessive force applied when tightening the tap water supply .
To replace the gasket, release the water from the aqueduct, turn the lid crane , remove the valve and remove the old gasket.In its place a new set, made of rubber or leather.Put the gasket on the spool pin.Leather lining is good in the hot water tap.
You can buy ready-made lining in a specialty store that sells plumbing or cut it from the thick leather soles.Rubber lining wear out quickly under the hot water.If she (laying) on ​​the pin fastened with a screw, it is necessary to wrap up.
Now install the spool, making it easy to rotate in the socket.Scale, if necessary, remove the warm vinegar.Too rigid attachment slide in the slot leads to premature wear of the gasket.
replace the gaskets, replace the cover crane .Open the shut-off valve and let the water into the system.Crane should cover the water effortlessly.In the case of the rubber gasket does not close the valve very strong, since it leads to its rapid destruction.