you need
  • -electric or gas boiler
  • -truby heating
  • -rasshiritelny tank
  • -pechka
  • -obogrevateli
for seasonal residencewater heating system is not suitable.If you do decide to install it in the autumn all the water from the system should be drained and thoroughly purge the pipe.If you do not, then you have all the spring change or repair due to the defrost system.
most optimal way to heat the room during the seasonal residence is to install a conventional oven, which stoked with wood and charcoal.In addition to the heating furnace can be connected to removable thermal heaters.
Currently, went on sale hinged infrared heaters that ta
ke up little space, economical and does not burn oxygen.
If you live in a holiday home all year round, the best option Heating is gas or electric connection.
for gas supply should contact the supplying company to write a statement.You will draft and specifications.Conducting and connecting the gas heating can only deal with specialized organizations.Therefore, you should buy a gas boiler, counter, mounted throughout the house pipe water heating and conclude an agreement on the technical connection and repair of gas equipment.
If you plan to heat the house with electricity, respectively, to write an application to the supply company, to get the project and resolution and to conclude a contract for the direct connection of all electrical equipment.Because, as in the first case, a separate connection and installation of high-power electrical devices is strictly prohibited.
If the gas in your area does not pass, and electric heating you do not want to install due to its high cost, the alternative for living is to install a stove with a boiler with hot water heating system.Heated holiday home can be solid fuels, which include wood, coal briquettes or special.
To install it, drag around the house heating pipes and connect them to the stove with water boiler and expander.As described above, this option is only suitable for year-round use.