Sinks by the method of attachment are mortise and overhead.To install mortise sink , you'll need a set of tools for construction tape, pencil, jig saw, drill, sealant, putty knife.All other fasteners and sanitary items are included in the kit with the sink or to be purchased in a specialty store plumbing.
Carefully remove the countertop with furniture.Set it so that you feel comfortable working a jigsaw.Take a new cleaning , attach it to the table top and outline the contour as precisely as possible.Put the figure of 1.5 cm inside and draw another, inner loop.In this circuit, and to do the sink cutout .
Drill a few holes on the inner loop, neatly cut jigsaw cutout sink .Carefully processed sawn edge of the sink cutout sealant, silicone or epoxy resin.Treatment depends on the integrity of the integrity of the countertop for cleaning .The layers of sealant applied with a spatula, leaving no gaps.Leave to dry countertop sealer for a certain period, indicated on the packaging means for sealing.
itself sink is mounted on the countertop with silicone or special seal, which is included with the sink.Turn sink and apply sealer (or apply silicone) as close as possible to the outer edge of the sink.
Turn sink to the normal position and set it to countertop cutout.Secure sink by fasteners.
After gluing cleaning, carefully remove any excess silicone sealant or a sharp knife.Gather together the drain valves tightly and attach it to the drain and wash it overflow.
Connect valves to the sewer by means of a siphon chosen design.Pay particular attention to the tightness of connections.