Chart running water in your house .Note that the aqueduct system inextricably linked to other internal communications, such as heating and sewerage.Place piping must be approved by the Commission, part of the local administration.You will then receive a special permit and a certificate confirming the technical possibility of works and their feasibility.
Get the required diameter of the pipe.To measure from the pipe segment of the right length, make the necessary increase in the joint.Be extremely careful, because if you get inadequate pipe length, it should be lengthened, by welding a small segment.If you cut off a piece is too long, the excess will need to be cut off with a file.
saw off the pipe evenly, so that the
connection is not a leak.Secure the pipe in a vise before starting to cut it with a hacksaw, and make sure that the tool does not deviate from the labels.Hacksaw to keep perpendicular to the pipe.Movement hacksaw performed smoothly.The cut finish with a semi-circular file and clear of debris.
Copper pipes need vise along the entire length, or in place of the clip will remain a trace.
improve the quality of work you can, using a pipe cutter.With him cut it turns smooth.The tool you need to install and fix by turning perpendicular to the handle.Thus, you would hit the moving roller into the metal.Now you need to rotate the pipe cutter in a clockwise direction before making a full turn.Turn 90 degrees and take another turn.
Bend the pipe in the right places for laying.Insert the tube spring in place and fold the pipe bend at the knee.Then you need to pull the spring.
When piping horizontally mount them with plastic clamps directly to the soffit.Pipes up to 40 mm mount using welding and larger install on suspension and brackets.Vertical pipes can be attached to the walls of collars.