consider the option arrangement sink in a country house on the rules of environmental laws.The water here will only be used for washing, dishwashing, cooking.All other outhouse (bio-toilet, clearance, closet, etc..).Before the start of construction to determine the place and the design of the sump.Popularity cesspools, sewage which was supposed to immediately throw in the ground, out in the summer.Make the release of water used least flawed for the environment.
this purpose as a cesspool septic use two-section, followed by the release of water of it through the filter well in the ground.The principle of operation of a septic
tank as follows: through a pipe connected to the internal wiring, used water gets into the first section.Contaminant particles are deposited on the bottom.Partially purified water through the overflow outlet falls into the second section of the septic tank.Here again dirt particles settle on dno.Dalshe water enters the last element of the sewage system - the filter well from which, after passing the filter from the rubble, leaving the ground.The distance between the bottom of the well screen and the depth of ground water should be at least 1 m.
to fabricate a septic tank capacity of the two chambers connected with each other overflow orifice.No closer than 5 m from the foundation of the house make a pit whose bottom Grout.Walls lined with red kirpichom.Dayte masonry to dry well and apply it two layers of mastic asphalt.It is necessary to increase the tightness of the housing septic tank.The resulting container is divided into two chambers by the partition of the same bricks.The partition do otverstie.Perekroyte septic tank overflow thick steel plate with a hole (hose assenizatorskaya machine).With the help of concrete rings or masonry do on it way to the surface.
in the first chamber rewound pipe draining water used home.It needs to be warm at the site of the foundation and to the body of a septic tank.The second chamber is connected to the well screen, whose walls can be made of concrete rings with holes or masonry with the gap between bricks.The space between the walls of the well screen and fill soil gravel.
internal wiring make of PVC pipes, corners, T-pieces with a diameter of 50 mm.Direct connection of internal wiring to a septic tank, perform the same pipe, but diameter of 100 mm.