you need
  • - silicone sealant;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - knife;
  • - a set of keys;
  • - level;
  • - screws;
  • - washers.
Unpack shower cabin and make sure that there is the presence of all the components.Arrange the components in a convenient place so that in the future they are easier to work with.Stock up on extra screws and washers as fasteners from the kit may not be enough.
begins with the assembly of the pallet.Install it on the legs and twist all the way into its seats long studs.Screw the nut and washer throw with.
Then put crosswise frame supporting the shower tray.Following this fix the central leg: it tighten, put the washer, and retighten th
e locknut fling until it stops.Then put the second nut, which will support the lock nut for the threaded stem.
Using screws, attach the mounting tray to the beam embedded in the fiberglass bars.Replace the plastic legs support - brackets for display pallet.With the help of a spirit level, check the plane of the pallet legs.
Proceed to the assembly of the glass enclosure.The glass having the largest number of openings - is over.It is attached to the glass edge, which has slots for attaching to the arch fence.Push one another.
Lift the glass and apply a layer of clear silicone.Lower the glass and tighten the screw on the presser foot.Following this self-tapping rack and fasten the arch - car guide.
Put on the glass silicone sealant ("petals" inside).Promazhte pan cabin under the guide with silicone sealant and install window guards.
Apply silicone on the joint shower seat with side panel.Secure the side panels using a small cabin with screws.Now, these panels must be attached to the pallet using the screws.
for mounting the door set the upper and lower rollers and the door pull on the edge of the glass door silicone seals.Then install the shower door.For optimum adjustment and closing stall door with a screwdriver, tighten the upper rollers.
Mount the roof shower.Install showerhead and tighten hose.Following this set handles, shelves, mirrors and other accessories.