But to fix the valve it must be dismantled.But before we begin the process of dismantling, we must, by visual inspection to determine the type of crane.Cranes can be spherical, clamping, and the coupling with the disc cartridge, which replaces the rubber gasket.
understand and mend ball valve:
turn their backs on the handle of the key set screw and remove it.Under it is a thumbwheel that need tightening.Knob sets, and check to see whether the valve is leaking.
If the leak does not stop, pliers unscrew the lid and take out the copier, sealing washer and a ball with a screwdriver and pull out the valve spring seat.Then contract the upper gander, twisting it around its axis.Now we ne
ed to install new rings and springs, gander, ball, washer, valve seat and copier.Thereafter screwable cover.Of course, all the details once we did not break.So visually we find out what the item is deteriorated, and replace it with a new one.
perpetrated pressure valve:
Parse crane as follows: remove the handle with reinforcing cap, unscrew the plug and stem.Then replace the gasket and O-ring stems.At the end of the heat-resistant grease lubricated valve stem and assemble in reverse order.
If broken faucet cartridge, here we are required to replace the cartridge:
Crane disk type called a different "valve with a cartridge."And darn it: remove the cap index, picked up a screwdriver, to turn out the screw, remove handle tap, then turn the set screw and remove the insertion handle.Then we turn and remove the cover of the valve body.Now we turn the screws that secure the cartridge, remove it and put a new cartridge.Putting the tap.
Repair crane coupling type: remove the cap to turn out the screw.We lift up the lever and remove the handle.Next, we remove the pliers from the valve body locking nut, pull out the retainer cartridge, remove the cartridge, install the new one in its place and turn the screw.Then contract the gander, cut away the old ring and installed in their place new ones.Finally, collect the crane.