you need
  • - blade screwdriver
  • - Phillips screwdriver
Before proceeding to an analysis of the mixer, be sure to make sure that the valve the water supply is closedposition and the water is blocked, otherwise you may be faced with a sudden flood of his own apartment.
In order to unscrew flywheel , first remove the decorative cap on it (it can be blue, red circle or a cap with the inscription Cold or Hot, depending on the producer firms mixers and onfor some water, you want to stay flywheel ).They are usually inserted into the body of a flywheel and unscrewed or a simple hand movement.If your mixer model no decorative cap, look, perhaps, flywheel secured with a screw, which is located at its base.In this case, you just
need to unscrew the screw and the flywheel to star.
Removing the bezel blank, look, there is a screw.Pick the correct screwdriver and carefully unscrew it.When the screw is completely unscrewed, flywheel easily comes off.Some species flywheel s (for example, cross-shaped) is not simply pushed onto the head parts and screwed it onto the thread.Please consider this when you encounter difficulties when you shoot flywheel .