Tip 1: How to remove the scum

Sometimes, kettles, pots, samovars, automatic washing machines, dishwashers - all what is heated and boiled water has to be cleaned of scale.Scale is formed on the walls of water heating appliances from hard water, which contains large amounts of lime and iron salts.
necessary to pour 3-5 sachets of citric acid and heated to a high temperature.The food of citric acid does not contain chemical additives, so it is harmless for human use.After application wash the dishes.
For all water-heating devices can be used acetic acid 70%.Pour into a kettle or pot of water.Add 2-3 tablespoons of acetic acid.Boil.Give water to cool.All drain.Rinse under running water.
can remove scale using soda.To do this, pour into a bowl 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, boil.All drain.Again, pour the water and add 2 tablespoons of 70% vinegar.Such a process helps to remove a thick layer of scum.All this is only suitable for Dummies, samovars, pots.For washing machines and dishwashers, these method
s are not appropriate, except for citric acid.However, purification, dose increased to 10-15 sachets.Run the program at a high temperature.
for household appliances such as washing machine and dishwasher, fit special means.They are sold in household goods.May be in powder form.There are also in plastic bottles.So they called - descaler.Doses are usually different for the application.They depend on the composition of assets and from the manufacturer.Detailed instructions for use on the package.

Tip 2: How to clean the scum

In most cases, the descaling need only two home appliance.This kettle and iron.As is known, scale, located in the kettle, boiling water slows down.Moreover, in the cup from the kettle with water can get a piece of scale.
How to clean limescale

To clean the scale with an electric kettle, you can use the easiest way.This requires the use of citric acid.To do this, the kettle was poured cold water.Now it is possible to pour a bag of citric acid and boil.Once the water is boiling, kettle can be switched off and let it cool.Drain the water, it is necessary to see whether there is still scale in the kettle.In that case, if the scale remains, repeat the procedure.If you failed to remove the scum, the tea should be thoroughly washed under running water.It is necessary to boil the kettle clean water and then re-rinse it under cold water.

In order to get rid of the scale, you can use a special powder, descaler.Its chemical composition includes components that also contribute to the destruction of scale.

If the scale must be removed from the usual electric kettle is not, then this should prepare an ordinary baking soda.Pouring water into a teapot, it is necessary to add a few teaspoons of baking soda and boil it.The process of boiling should be about half an hour, then it is necessary to pour the water and see if there are any more scum on the walls of the kettle.If the layer is a large scale, it is not necessary to use baking soda and vinegar.It is poured into the pot to 100-150 ml and boiled for 30 minutes.After scum removed, wash the kettle with fresh water.

addition teapot it becomes necessary to clean the scale with a home iron.If the iron has a self-cleaning function, then, of course, it is necessary to use it.Iron in this case has a special button, clicking on which the process of descaling will be executed independently.For this purpose, a special container is filled with water and set maximum temperature.Once the iron is heated, it automatically turns off.The procedure must be repeated, waiting for the kettle to cool down.Now you need to turn off the iron and take it into the bathroom, where the press the descaling.If the release of all the water vapor did not come out, then gently shake the iron is necessary, while holding down the scale purification.

If this function is not available, you can use any store of the means for descaling.

in the form of a deep need to put a few slats (wooden) and put them on the iron.His sole should not touch the bottom.In this form is filled in and poured boiling water descaling agent.The water level in this case should be 1-1.5 cm higher than the soleplate.This protects you from getting wet electric irons.Iron in this state should be kept for 10 minutes.To the water does not cool down and cleaning of the scale was successful, with the form of iron can be put on low heat.