Before dismantling the old bath, disconnect it from the sewer to disassemble this drain, siphon and remove the hose or pipe from the hole and overflow.All processes can be performed with a flat spanner.Then remove the sealant, and can be removed from the bath room.
Prepare place by stripping all the bumps and removing rubble.New bath unpack, remove the legs and skid.Even in the bathroom put the bath on its side and attach the legs.Put it in the working position carefully so as not to damage the tile.
on new baths, includi
ng cast iron and are now making the adjusters.With their help expose on the level of the bath.This will ensure equal load on feet, bumpers will be smooth, and the water in the bathtub will not accumulate.
Next, attach bath to the sewer hole.If it is iron, for the connection to the required siphon rubber coupling.Further, the flexible plastic tube or a segment of a diameter of 40 mm, if the pipe is 50 mm, you will need an adapter 40 to 50. Be sure to check the tightness and sealing.
to ground the bath, you need to stretch it a ground wire (yellow) from the panel.To connect, use the Jacuzzi connection through the RCD.Place the wires where they will never flood water.
sure to seal the joints of the bath to the wall.If the distance is large, it is necessary to lay the first brick, and it is better to fill with foam.Then immediately sealed.You can use silicone sealant.Use it according to the instructions and make sure to remove all of the sealant drops falling on the tiles and the bath until they froze.Otherwise, then not be able to remove it.