course, deserves special attention heating wooden house.Variants of the device of the heating system can be set.One of the most common - to set fire to the cooker hood.The number of fireplaces in the house may vary from one to several.It is important to organize heating , another winter in the house can be cold.
recommended to install a fireplace in the middle of a wooden house, so that the heat from it applied only indoors, not warmed by the exterior walls of the building.When the device several fireplaces should arrange them so that they were "back" to each other in adjacent areas.This arrangement of the heating devices will facilit
ate the installation of the chimney, because the need is only one pipe.At the multi-storey layout of the premises in a wooden house can be on the ground floor to put a conventional oven and place on the floor above the fireplace, located directly above the furnace.
plan the organization of the heating system of a wooden house should be at the stage of designing the house.In the already-built house heating install complicated and expensive.With heating m must be a harmonized system of ventilation.If there is a log building design channels the ventilation system can be installed directly in the floor or walls.
Another embodiment of the device of the heating system in a wooden house - so-called "warm floor".It is possible that it will have to install a special water heater, but it will reach a uniform temperature level throughout.Therefore, the "warm floor" can be a good alternative to the fireplace or furnace heating system.