When defrosting pipes required to follow certain rules, derogation from which can be dangerous.Fully open the valve located closest to the point of freezing.Defrost is carried out slowly, gradually moving from the open gate to the place of freezing coolant and beyond.Constantly monitor the temperature of the pipe by hand.This should allow the temperature to touch the pipe without the risk of getting burned.Overheating of the pipe may lead to the formation of steam inside it, and further - to its rupture.
If there is a system of independent heating of the building, turning it on.When the house is fully warmed up, the pipe unfrozen themselves.This is the easiest and safest way to defrost.If the frozen pipe
is located outside the home, for example, in the basement, Wrap a cloth and pour hot water.Under pipe put container to avoid spilling water and icing.
If you have warmers or electric blankets, wrap them around the pipe and plug it into the mains.Top nabroste any thermally insulating material.Heating power set minimum.Gradually increasing the heating power, smoothly move the heating pad or blanket in a direction from the open valve into place frozen until the end of the place of ice jams.
If there is a household hair dryer, heater fan or an infrared lamp heater, use them.To do this, place them so that heat generated from them, was sent to the place of coolant freezing in the pipe.Remember that plastic pipes can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees, so take care not to overheat them.If you use any electrical appliances for defrosting, make sure that the wiring in the basement is designed to power a little more than power included heaters.
Be extremely careful during defrosting pipes with a gas burner or a blowtorch.Firstly, whenever possible to use another method, do without the burner.Secondly, the burner must necessarily have a flame divider, and on the other side of the pipe must be heated sheet of asbestos board.Third, constantly monitor the temperature of the heat pipes and the plugs gradually.And fourth, do not leave the stove unattended, and keep a fire extinguisher handy.