Ball faucet has a long life and reliable shut-off valve.In case of breakage of the mixer is likely to have to completely change the ball unit - a very time-consuming and expensive process.

Valve mixer has a weak spot - the rubber gasket.Typically, the gasket comes into disrepair because of the hot water which it heats and wears.

Before replacing the gasket should be cut off the water.

Then, turn the valve handwheel which must be repaired, and leave open.

then removed laths - delineation of hot and cold water.Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the flywheel and the wrench is removed fixing nut.

removing the entire contents of the mixer becomes visible lining, which is worn out.It should be changed to a new gasket to repair the mixer.

essentially the mixers, which gas

ket is mounted with a special nut.If it is installed, you must complete one more step: to unleash this nut.If you decide to make your own pad, it should be based on the size of the valve and not on the size of the worn pads, because she had already wiped.It should be noted that the outer part of the manufactured gaskets need to cut at an acute angle, a cross-section eliminates the probability of hitting the air, which will create an unpleasant hum.

Besides pureed pads, there is another problem - the flow of the gland, which means wear the packing.To eliminate water leakage, it is necessary to disassemble a broken faucet according to the above method.Then install a new oil seal or better condense it.

to seal gland, enough to tighten the packing follower.However, after tightening the packing sleeve is tightened, the water can continue to flow, so you have to change the pad.For the filling, you can use the string soaked in motor oil, to ensure water resistance.Impregnation varnish will give the same effect.Stuffing is screwed clockwise, sealing the new layer with a screwdriver.The sleeve is twisted into several strands of thread.Thereafter, the mixer should be collected.