In some cases, clogging can be eliminated chemically.If the dirt clogging kopilas in place for a long time, the chemical can only loosen the blockage.Completely eliminate it in a way unlikely.After some time the pipe at that location again becomes clogged.A chemical substance is a strong alkali, so working with him, you need to protect your skin from the spray, as well as the eyes.Do not allow children to and from work.
Clogging is often washed with pressurized water.For this purpose it is necessary to buy a garden hose.In this way, well-cleaned pipes of small diameter.Seal the opening around the place I hose rags.Then the hose is introduced into the closure.In some cases it is possible pressurized wash pipe.No need to resort to this method,
if you tried to clean the sewage system by chemical means.The water may not always penetrate the blockage.As a result, it will begin to pour into the room, but not clean, and chemicals.Chemical, even in diluted form can cause significant harm.
Sometimes people clean the sewer gate ordinary string.The length of the string can be up to 10 meters.In specialty stores selling string with an electric drive.As a rule, they have a high cost.
If there is blockage of the sewer gate, you must remove the plug inspection hole and make it a string.If there was a blockage in the sewer rug, then you can get there through a common gate string.Work must be towards the nearest inspection hole.Once the line is is clean, it closes the plug inspection hole and rinse the area with water.
Virtually every system has multiple treatment taps.They are most often done in the basement.Access to sewers, which leads from the house can be accessed through the inspection hole.