Every lawn needs a comprehensive care, which has three components: cutting, watering and fertilizer.


Young or lawn should be updated for the first time shed in April-May (depending on the climate in the region), when the night temperature will steadily exceed 10 degrees.Grass over 3 years need to shed before, when the temperature exceeds 5-7 degrees.

second watering is carried out within a week and more regularly once a week until the establishment of the summer heat.It is very convenient to use automatic watering system with weather sensors and timers time.These systems will fertilize the soil evenly.

Try to arrange watering so that the lawn after it could "relax."For example, the best can be a weekday, when all leave for, and watered the grass, no o
ne will walk.

Experts recommend watering the lawn in the evening, after sunset, or, on the contrary, in the morning.If the water the day, the sun all the water is absorbed and dissipated.When this land must be moistened at least 5 cm in depth.

summer should be watered every three to four days for sandy soil, just nine days - to clay.


One of the main components of a good lawn growth is its timely fertilizer.Feeling a lot of external influences, a lawn needs feeding, especially in the first year after planting.At this time, you want to make phosphorus and nitrogen (introduced into the soil a day before planting grass, a week after the first shoots and 1.5 months from the date of planting).

If you want it to be frost-proof, you need to make fertilizers, such as potash and nitrogen, 2 times a year: during the formation of the stem (May) and before the first frost.Complex fertilizers are needed after the haircut, as appropriate, and organic fertilizers.


One of the main rules of a hairstyle - it regularly.For the first mowing need dry weather grass should achieve three times greater height than is needed lawn, i.e. 12-13 cm in height.

First you need to mow only 1 cm, gradually reducing to the desired height of the lawn. is important to consider the direction of shearing, each mowing changing it, and under no circumstances do not mow wet grass.

But that's not all there is to know about caring for your lawn.Another problem is the weeds.How can they bring?Stubborn have to pull weeds or cut with a knife, preferably in late April, then they will no longer appear.Another way - is the processing solution of the herbicide "Roundup", but you need to make sure that the solution did not get on the very lawn grass and weeds only.

And if you observe all these rules, the lawn will be exactly what is to be a quality, well-kept lawn.