Variety puts sidewalk tile holders gardens with a choice: what kind of coverage prefer to use in landscape design of the site.As a practical and convenient material, paving slabs used for paving courtyards free of buildings and landings, as well as everything for garden paths.

Types of paving slabs

Depending on the method of manufacturing the paving slabs can be vibropressed or vibrocasting.Vibrocompression paving tiles produced by vibrating pressing of a mixture of cement, sand, granite chips and dye.At a rough surface tiles and soft natural color.Vibropresovannaya Pavement is usually made of simple geometric shapes (square, rectangle, hexagon).Such tiles can endure high mechanical loads, so it is often used for paving the
roadway.It is produced industrially by special equipment.

for optimal arrangement of garden paths paving slabs is made by vibratory casting method.It is made manually.In paving slabs manufactured vibratory casting method, the smooth surface of her strength is not inferior strength vibropressed tiles.But its color saturation and palette of not only natural shades.

Originally vibrocasting paving slabs have light colors so it can be painted in any color selected.Geometric shapes of such tiles is much more diverse than the vibropressed.Thus, using the garden paths vibrocasting tiles it is possible to choose different shapes and colors to suit the external appearance of the house and the general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlandscaping the site.

downside vibrocasting tiles can be a high price.In addition, the operation of this tile in the winter need to be careful, since it is covered with frost slippery crust of ice.

What to look for when choosing a paving slabs?

Whatever Pavement is chosen everything for garden paths, gaining it is necessary to pay attention to the following rules differ from poor quality material.

on the surface of the tiles must be no cracks, chips, bubbles and indentations - all this says about violation of its production technology.The ringing impact of tile tiles indicates that it is dry and ready for installation.

have acquired all tiled Party must be the same color.About a painting by the fact that even the cut or sawn broken tiles should be colored.The seller must be implemented on the certificate of quality material.

correctly chosen, beautiful and durable paving slabs laid on the garden path, a long time will delight the eyes hosts and guests.