So, you came across rose from "Species roses."Roses this group we used to call "wild rose".They are extremely unpretentious, does not require cutting and shelter for the winter.Many of today's varieties have beautiful large double flowers.Valued for the opportunity to use them as a "hedge" look great in trees and shrubs compositions.A single (though plentiful) bloom - their only drawback.

The modern roses especially interesting group "Floribunda".The flowers they are not very large, can be as simple, semi-double and silnomahrovymi in shape - from flat to the most magnificent goblet.However, unlike single tea, they are collected in multiple buds.Floribunda roses bloom wonderful very abundant and, importantly, long before frost.Some varieties of virtually the entire season from June to October studded with bunches of flowers.Basically differ good winter hardiness, it is quite resistant to diseases (especially modern varieties).Is widely used in single crop, and in the rose garden and flower mixborders.Many varieties can be used for cut flowers in bouquets.

"Hybrid-tea 'Rose (aka' Grandiflora ',' Grandiflora ').Typically, the roses of this group brings us delight as they have perfect form, color, smell.Individual flowers are large they are usually located on long stems, giving the bush a bit lanky appearance.Because of this "hybrid tea" roses do not fit in the gardens of the landscape style.In general they are grown in monoposadkah or in the rose garden, picking beauty worthy neighbors.

Group "Climbing roses" (otherwise known as "Klaymingi") is divided in turn into "Rambler" - climbing roses with long, thin shoots (up to 5 m), suitable for splicing arches, pergolas, pillars.Flowers, with rare exceptions, medium-sized and very much, they cloud envelop the plant.Unfortunately, this group of roses bloom briefly and only once per season.Exceptions are new varieties of "Super Dorothy" and "Super Excelsa", it povtornotsvetuschie Rambler.

"climbers" ("klaymbery") - climbing roses with a thick, bad bending the main stem (up to 3 meters long).Roses of the group for creating gazebos, screens, trellises, fences, landscaping.The flowers have large, flowering both single and repeated during the summer.

Group rose "Miniature roses and patio."The name speaks for itself.The height of the pitch does not exceed 50 cm. The flowers are small, but are collected in the inflorescence.Roses of this group can also be a single blooming, but in general, there are varieties for sale, studded with flowers almost continuously during the season.Due to the small size used in the compositions in the foreground, at the curb and container plantations on the patio, veranda in the room.Do not need pruning in the fall, it is convenient shelter for the winter.

Group rose "Hedge".Under the concept of "spray" are the following subgroups:

"Park", "Shrub", "Landscape", "English".This is a great sprawling shrub height of 150-180 cm. All of them are essentially bush and differ only in the height and shape of the bush.The size and shape depend on the variety of flower.

Rose Group "Hedge" look good in the background, camouflage fences, walls, fill in the corners.The support is not needed.Bloom during the summer waves and very abundant.It looks great in the vase life.Almost do not require pruning, which is important for busy gardeners.They are flexible, easy to bend branches to the ground for shelter for the winter.Quite winter-hardy shrub roses in bloom the first year of planting is not very abundant, becauseall the power is directed to the formation of the root system.Once bush gather momentum, blooming profusely.

Group rose "Ground cover."Ground cover roses distinguishes excellent health, resistance to freezing and drought.They grow low bushes spreading outwards, look great groups bloom very profusely, but unfortunately almost no smell.Adults bushes do not require thorough crown cover for the winter, becausewonderful tolerate frosts.In the first or second year after planting is the growth of roots, so the bushes bloom less profusely, but then there are literally doused the carpet of flowers.They are used in rock gardens, the design of slopes and retaining walls in the foreground of compositions.