Features African blue-eyed daisies

This shrub has a lot of high-quality varieties.It is grown as an annual in the culture.It is the most incredible colors - white, yellow, lemon, blue, lilac, pink.It grows to a height of one meter, but flowering may begin at a height of 30 cm. The inflorescence diameter up to 6 cm. The leaves are dense, fine, bright green.Bush Osteospermum liberally strewn with flowers from June until frost.If you dig it before frost and transplanted into pots can bloom until December.One caveat - a must-have pots under certain conditions.For winter maintenance Osteospermum need light and cool room.

Low-growing varieties and hybrids Osteospermum successfully grown as pot plants on balconies or covered veranda as perennials.

Secrets care

The growing unpretentious cul
ture.But under certain conditions, and improper care can "complain about" poor flowering and leaf yellowing.

leaves of the plant turn yellow from overfeeding and a lack of fertilizer.Fertilizer should be applied on a bed with autumn, and planted in open ground Osteospermum can be in late May.

Feeding during the growing season Osteospermum needed, but they need to give the complex a weak solution and no more frequently than every two weeks.Flower react differently yellowing leaf mass.

Osteospermum loves the sun, so it should be grown in full sun.But he does not like drought, from which the leaves turn yellow and the plant is twisted.Therefore, you must not be watered Osteospermum often, but abundant, and in the heat should take care of irrigation, or at least often sprayed.

Osteospermum need a well-drained soil is non-acidic.In acid soils, heavy leaves to grow and develop normally will not become yellow.Flowering is not abundant, too.

The plant also needs a feeding area at least 25 cm. The containers can reduce the distance to 15 cm.

Osteospermum should be protected from the cold night temperatures after transplanting, because of this it leaves may turn yellow.Also, the plant does not like wind and drafts, so you need to put it in a sheltered place.

If winter comes, you have decided to move Osteospermum in the room, try to keep the main conditions (light and cool).The room temperature should be no higher than 16 ° C, and it has to be supplementary lighting.Otherwise Osteospermum turn yellow, lose all their views and to spring is not saved.Observing wintering conditions, you can save high-value plant specimens for further propagation.