Mower traditionally divided into Gasoline and electric, as well as wheeled mowers and trimmers.
most inexpensive and easiest option - to buy a trimmer, ie a kind of rod, on which the electric motor and mowing head with fishing line.This motor is located at the bottom right above the line.Trimmers are suitable for small areas, since their thickness is usually not too high and to process a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland would be too time consuming.Less trimmer and that it only works on electricity, so you have to wear for a long cord, with the slightest rain should stop work (as with any electrical appliances).
There are also hand-held lawn mowers, whose motor (it can be a gasoline or electric) is on top.These mowe
rs have high capacity and are suitable for uneven areas where a lawn mower can not travel on wheels.When you select the manual mower pay attention to her weight and think someone in your family will be able to use it, if it is sufficiently severe.
Wheel mowers can also run on petrol and on electricity.They represent a cart on wheels with high handle, so that in the process you push mower ourselves as a carriage.Wheel of manual lawn mower is much more convenient, but is only suitable for flat surfaces.They are much more expensive and it is advisable to buy, if you have a large plot.
There are also lawn mowers, which are mini-tractors, that is, they carry the man who governs them.They are called riders, and is used in a very large area.
Thus, electric mowers more environmentally friendly (no benzovyhlopov), easy maintenance, low noise, but they are less powerful and more dangerous from the point of view of working with electricity.Gasoline lawn mowers more powerful, have a large collection box, do not depend on the power supply, but require regular maintenance, replacement of gasoline and oil, produce more noise and exhaust emissions.Determine what the pros and cons for you to play a greater role, and you will find your own version.