If the house tends to the style of country music, or is in the Russian tradition, in an organic garden will look natural pond or a quiet creek.


better dig a small pond at the lowest point of the site.Ideal, if the sun will shine it in the morning and afternoon, becauseMost light-requiring aquatic plants.In the natural reservoir should not grow or coniferous trees shorn, however, and hardwoods are not only appropriate, but also can contaminate the pond falling leaves, because the water from her blooms and begins to rot.In this respect the need to determine the plants that will grow in the pond.Ideally, if all goes only "native": water lilies, reeds, narrow-leaved cattail, Bog, hornwort, and other moisture-loving sedge grass.

such care will appreciate all kinds of animals: beetles, newts, fish, bugs and plankton, which will create a unified ecosystem of the pond.Bright exotic flowers, succulents and cacti on the banks of the pond are irrelevant, they are not in harmony with the environment and will look ridiculous.

coastline pond should not be too artsy or severely geometric, natural landscape does not accept such forms.What matters smooth contours without intricate twists, especially if you plan to small pond.It is not necessary to lay paving paths around the pond, it would deprive him of naturalness.

optimal transition from a water element to the garden plants can be marsh, formed on the side of the pond.Decorate it can be large boulders, whimsical driftwood covered with moss, and other original features.


Standing water body does not always provide a complete range of pleasant experiences, important for many people the sound of moving water.Those who relaxes by the murmur of a brook running through the stones, is quite able to create sparkling water flow in the garden.

Recheek able to tie into a single composition the landscape and picturesque connect different areas of the garden.If you have a pond at the site easier to create a stream that will run in cycles from a homemade source flowing through the territory and returning directly into the pond.Picturesque source can emphasize making out its beautiful stone or, on the contrary, cleverly disguising the flow that will intrigue its occurrence.

Get a natural stream bed is difficult, so you need to take into account the topography and to choose the most advantageous options for the location of the water flow.Where - that there is a large stone in the form of obstacles to enhance the visual effect, somewhere to spend the trajectory among the moisture-loving plants, creating several artificial low thresholds.It is important to ensure that the stream is not lost, and looked colorful and picturesque and it does not irritate the ear strong and intrusive sound of rapidly flowing water.It should also refrain from unnecessary frills, not to disturb the natural overall picture.