called the walled garden in front of house front garden.The first impression of the host site make it for him.If he is well-groomed, handsome, it means that hard-working people live here and work the gardener.

Modern design ideas front garden

If there is not enough time to deal with a front garden, you can make it in a modern, minimalist style.He, too, will make a great impression.

Please mow the grass in front of the house and buy a multi-colored pebbles.Sprinkle it this section.Now, it is possible to walk freely even after heavy rains, and this part of the area will look like at any time of year, neat.

need to add a few bright parts.Place a pair of multi-tiered vases, fill them with fertile soil and plant flowers in them.Looks nice hang-downing begonia, petunia.

If you want to create a modern rustic
style, you can put 2-3 Artificial orange pumpkin, plant low conifers and put a wooden bench with a beautiful back, and next - a nice watering.

front garden in the film - do yourself a

very important device fenced garden in front of the house is in the cinema.Making films about the village, directors like to show the dialogues of heroes, who pass it on such territory.One of the characters is behind a fence and talked with the owner of the house, located in the garden.

If the hero careless, the garden, and he will not differ beauty and grooming.In positive characters garden front of the house - just a feast for the eyes.If you wish, anyone can do the same yourself.

Usually windows of the house, too, overlook the front garden.Painted shutters, clean windows, lace curtains, which are also visible from the street, talking about comfort, and leave a good impression.

Therefore, if you want to garden was like a movie, be sure not only of its arrangement, but also the beautiful windows, fence, which also can have a positive impact on the overall impression.

Ideas for frontage

If the house is not too close to the fence, and at a distance of 4-5 meters, it is possible on the left and right of it to plant 2 trees.It could be apples, pears or cherries.When spring trees covered with white flowers, that look will be fascinating.During pouring fruit they also look elegant.

the middle of the trees can be placed flowers.Usually it perennials.Closer to the fence plant low grades, and more - are high.

This garden looks smart, well-groomed and happy eyes, not only the owners, but also passers-by.