First you have to determine the place where you want to make a pond.Then, you must first identify its contours.This can be accomplished by the hose or cord.If you are satisfied with the resulting contours, you can dig.When you're digging a hole, make sure the pit straight edge.They can be aligned with the level.If you land on your site is too loose, it is better to make a sloping wall of the pond.If the soil is clay - that they may be vertical.You can also provide special recesses for planting aquatic plants.
How to make a reservoir
Now you have to measure the volume of the resulting future pond.After all, according to its size you will need a certain amount of the film.Before you put it, it is better to pour a layer of 5-7 cm of sand, sharp stones to not hurt the film.You can also avoid unnecessary synthetic carp
et or buy a special mat of synthetic geotextiles, rock wool, etc.
Over sand, wool or geotextile have to put film - waterproof geomembrane HDPE or rubber membrane EPDM.
How to make a reservoir
After piling made necessary materials, pit gradually filled with water;geomembrane takes the form of a reservoir, and its folds are formed in the process of laying the existing pressurized water layer becomes invisible.
Do not rush to cut off the film before the entire pond filled with water.It may be that something will have to change.When the pond is filled, it is necessary to fix one end of the film the stones, and the other left free.This is done to give the film a little opportunity to slide down under the weight of water.Water should pour slowly, pressing down and smoothing the folds of the film.
Along the perimeter of the pond have to dig a holiday recess.The width and depth of which should be approximately equal to one spade.It will turn an original shelf.There should be put edge of the film, from the top - at one level to the ground - to pour large stones, then pour concrete, it put smaller stones.Now you can cut the tape and hide it under rocks.Then you put around the plant.Beautiful pond is ready.
How to make a reservoir